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Monday, April 19, 2010

“The Beast” Has Finally Emerged

It was great to finally see "The Rainbow Warrior" - yes that nickname has probably outgrown him - show the aggressive emotions and talent that has assisted him in obtaining four championships. Jeff Gordon proved that he still has the passion and audacity to drive like a man possessed in order to fight for the victory that has eluded him for some time now.
Although the finish was not a stellar one and he wasn't able to complete the task at hand, I believe that he has shown the racing community that he can and will make a charge to get to the checkered flag.
His movements on the Texas track were like that of a lion stalking its prey or a great white shark that travels through the ocean like a guided missile. He was definitely a man on a mission and he didn't mind fighting tooth as well as nail on the track with his protege/teammate Jimmie Johnson.
Was it personal the way that he was racing Jimmie? In my opinion, I don't think so. Should he have raced Jimmie a little more cautiously? In my opinion - no; however, I am sure that others will have their views of what transpired on the track between these two individuals. At the end of the day, I believe that they will talk it out like men, respect one another's views and get ready for the next race at Talladega.
It is refreshing to see that renewed passion and fire arising back in Jeff Gordon. He is not out of the game yet and it's about time that he made some noise to let folks know that he is still that same individual who went to battle on the track with one of the greats of the sport - "The Intimidator." I mentioned that to say this - Gordon showed nerves of steel then when driving against one of the best in the sport at that time and he is bringing his "A" game back again to prove that he is still a factor in this phenomenal sport.
Until next time...Gear Up & Strap In For A Thrillin' Ride
*Photo Courtesy of fanzonesports.net*