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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

NASCAR History – The Whole Story or Not?

I watched the NASCAR Race Hub interview with Bobby and Donnie Allison a couple of days ago and I was amazed at the fact that this historic, talented driver (Bobby) hadn’t been credited with all of his wins. If history is to be accurately recorded in the books then why is the 85th career win of this phenomenal driver not being acknowledged by an entity that states they want to preserve and share their history with the world?

It is amazing that Tiny Lund has been credited with his two wins while driving his Grand American Camaro but Bobby Allison can’t have his 85th win counted because he was driving a Grand American car. Things that make you say…hmmm? I think it is unfair and a grave mistake that NASCAR would make if they don’t correct this information formally.

Politics…yes, I know a thing or two about that; however, the controlling powers should really take a look at this and make the right decision. There were some savvy business decisions that brought this sport into the national spotlight and even more out of the box thinking that took it to an international level. I believe that thing that is forgotten or overlooked the most is the fact that there had to be some hard core racers who utilized their talent to gain and maintain the interest of the fan base.

Granted, I have fallen in love with this awesome sport and NASCAR has been a huge contributor to that fact; however, it is a little disappointing that they are not sharing all the information or correcting any errors brought to the forefront. This task has been left up to the drivers that have lived to share their awe inspiring stories or their family members who are left to make sure that they are not forgotten due to the commercialization of today’s racing personalities.

Personally, I want to thank the many historical organizations such as Racer’s Reunion (www.racersreunion.com) who continue to honor these drivers by acknowledging the contributions they have made to this awesome sport.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ratings Update:All-Star TV Ratings The Same-UPDATE2

The NASCAR Sprint All-Star Challenge earned a 2.1/4 Saturday night on SPEED, which matched last year's overnight ratings.(Jayski.com)

NASCAR's ratings seem to be making a comeback from the previous years. This year, ratings have been all over the board, both up and down.

UPDATE-Ratings for the Sprint All-Star Race, televised live on Speed, dropped 10.3% from 3.68 in 2009 to 3.30 in 2010, according to a network spokesman. The race peaked at a 4.38 this year, compared with a peak of 4.69 in 2009. Speed reached the most households of any basic cable network during the race in the 35-54 male category and 55-and-over male category. It ranked second in the 18-34 male category. The overall number of households watching the race was 2,496,000.(scenedaily.com/Jayski.com)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

NASCAR Hall of Fame Ceremony

There has been a lot of build up for the 2010 NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and I can say that I was pleasantly surprised with the presentations for all five inductees: Bill France Sr., Richard “The King” Petty, Bill France Jr., Junior Johnson & Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Debates will go on for years to come as to these gentlemen that were chosen as the elite class of first inductees. As much as you may or may not agree with the choices totally, it is fair to say that these gentlemen made a huge impact in the evolution of NASCAR becoming an international phenomenon. Regardless of whether the decisions were or were not the most popular, the choices were definitely infamous and ever changing to the operations of this sport powerhouse.

It was great to hear the stories that were held most intimate between the inductees and their presenters: (Three of those speech presentations were as follows)

Jim France speaking of Bill France Sr.:
“If Dad were here today, he would be proud, as well, but in a different way,” Jim France said. “He would be proud mostly for NASCAR. He would be proud of this Hall of Fame, a commitment made to honor our past and to recognize the individuals who are responsible for making NASCAR what it is today, for their great accomplishments. The NASCAR Hall of Fame in many ways is the ultimate tribute to my father, the hopes and dreams that he had for our sport.” (www.foxnews.com)

Kyle Petty speaking of Richard “The King” Petty:
"I think that's what made him a great racecar driver," Kyle Petty (FSY) said. "He loves the sport. He carries a passion for this sport. He loves to drive. He loves to work on it. He loves the guys he raced against. He loved the fans. He loved everything about the sport." (www.usatoday.com)

Richard Childress speaking of Dale Earnhardt Sr.:
“Car owner Richard Childress fought back tears, as he talked about his former driver and best friend. And he laughed, too, retelling the famous story about other drivers complaining about the speeds being too high at Talladega. “He told ‘em that if they’re scared they should tie kerosene rags around their ankles so the ants don’t crawl up their legs and chew their candy asses off,” Childress said of Earnhardt. “ (www.foxnews.com)

Yes, these men were ordinary people whose God-given talents allowed them to accomplish some extraordinary things. They have all definitely captured their deserving places in NASCAR Hall of Fame. It is going to be interesting to see who the next inductees will be in 2011.

Until next time…Gear Up, Strap In For a Thrillin’ Ride

Other Notable Statements: "Although my father may be going into the NASCAR Hall of Fame today, he's always been a Hall of Fame dad in my heart," he said. "Please join me in welcoming our next inductee, my father, Junior Johnson. I love you, Dad." (Robert Johnson)

"He loved this sport. He was passionate about it. He built it literally from the ground up," France Kennedy said. "When I say 'the ground up,' I'm talking about a backhoe at Daytona International Speedway.” (Lesa France Kennedy)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I wrote this in response to the article at Nascar.com Head to Head:
If any track deserves a second race its Darlington but also to have it where it is makes it awful special so instead of changong anything there for now lets start with getting Kansas on the roster and start pulling the double plays off the west coast and either opening up some closed tracks or new ones maybe double up a track or two that only have one now better yet even is to cancelled some west coast races and let it be reducing the number of races a year making each one more special and getting away from the Monster Nfl