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Saturday, March 27, 2010

KHI - Running Strong!

KHI, Kevin Harvick Incorporated, has definitely been running strong in the 2010 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. The Kroger 250 in Martinsville, VA showcased a top ten finish for all three of this racing team's trucks (Harvick-1st, Hornaday-2nd & Carmichael-10th).

Additionally, this exciting race was the 4th win in a row for "Happy Harvick." "That's pretty cool. Don't know that I've ever won four races in a row," said Harvick, who won this race for the second straight year." (USA Today)

NOTE: This has become the 2nd consecutive win for Harvick in the Camping World Series.

There has been an emergence of dominance shown at the start of the truck racing season and I believe that there are a lot of other teams on this circuit who need to take notice of the success KHI has accomplished thus far.

Full blast, out-of-the-gate, exciting action is the precedence that this team owner/driver has demonstrated and I am sure that there will be more great stuff to come as this season progresses.

Until next time...Gear Up, Strap In For A Thrillin' Ride

Tabs On Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick is currently taking a break from NASCAR. Not from the IZOD Indy Car Series though. She continues to go through the less grueling than NASCAR season, in hopes of winning the Indy 500.

The start of here season has gone just as bad as her Nationwide season. At least it seems like it.

Now, I don't pay attention to this stuff, but according to Jeff Gluck on Twitter, she qualified 21st........out of 24 cars for an IRL event which is scheduled for tomorrow.

She also did poorly in the 1st race of the season finishing 14th(as I recall). So far, Danica has not found much success anywhere.

That was your Danica update.

Is Dale Earnhardt Jr Finally Turning The Corner?

Well folks, whether you like him or not, he gives the NASCAR world something to talk about. And now he is happy to do it. Even if he has to show up to the media center every weekend(it is a requirement for the top 12 drivers).

"I enjoyed last week and everything that went on with you guys. I was watching it from [afar], but I am glad to be in the top 12, so I will come in here every damn week if I have to," a laughing Earnhardt told the packed Martinsville media center. "As long as I can stay in the top 12. I remember that first year, I complained a lot to [public relations man] Mike Davis about having to do the top-12 media every week. But after this spell I have been in, I will put up with it."

Good. It's nice to have you back Junior.

But is it for good? Is NASCAR's most popular driver finally turning the corner? Here's what he had to say:

“We’ve got a lot to fix and a lot to improve upon,” Earnhardt Jr. said. “The next 10 races will reveal where we’re still weak and where we need to work as a team. ... I’ve got confidence we can fix it. We need to get better. It’s important not to get too excited about how things are going.”

So, will he actually turn the corner? Well, we'll have to wait and see. I can tell you that he seems to have something he hasn't had in a while: confidence. And with that, it can make the season a whole lot easier.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just A Word:Brad vs Carl

Just A Word:Brad vs Carl

By Paul Denton

You might as well know I am "taking the other side".

Brad Keselowsi is one of many nuisances on the racing circuit.

Although he had a good run during Atlanta he also was banging and bumping to try to make a name for himself.What happened with himself and Carl Edwards last year Does play into the retalliation that Edwards afforded him sunday .At Talladega he would not give one bit and even when Edwards went low at which point he could've and should've let up he did'nt and flipped Edwards into the stands and injured the fans one very seriously.Inexperience or stupidity I think both.Carl was tired of his ways purposely running into him which cost Edwards 150 laps ,points and a possible top ten .Not to mention the cost of time and money to the cars and yes both cars.Sooner or later on the track or off someone will get tired and angry about someones judgement especially if that person keeps playing his own game.It was'nt intentional manevers that got Brad to be flipped by Edwards it was anger at past experiences and the thought that he did not respect other drivers which many drivers believe ,ask Denny Hamlin among numerous others.Should Edwards be fined Yes but should Keselowski be put on probation is a definite yes vote Nascar willl afford Carl a just punishment and the let have had it boys will stand But this went way to far for something that could've been handled if Keselowski had been reprimanded for His driving awhile a go,Before Talladega.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Payback - When is enough simply enough?

There are going to be a lot of opinions and lines drawn in regards to what occurred at Atlanta Motor Speedway between Brad Keselowski and Carl Edwards. Although there a few drivers who have Brad Keselowski’s name etched on their blacklist, it was quite apparent that Carl Edwards had all that he could take from this young man’s aggressive style driving.

Last season sparked a lot of built up animosity due to the numerous track encounters (in the Nationwide & Sprint Cup Series) caused by the aggression shown to win a race. Yes, this is a competitive and high intense sport; however, at what point should a driver use some smart judgment calls not to cause undue damage or injury to another?

I think a lot should have been learned and taken into consideration from the incident which occurred last season when there were a few fans in the grandstands that were injured due to the High Flyin’ Flippin’ Carl being sent airborne into the Talladega fence by a determined to win Keselowski. Yes, he may have been avoiding going below the line; however, was it truly justified that he caused some undue injuries?

Payback has definitely been a huge part of this sport dated back to the early days of racing; however, I think that hand to hand combat would be more accepted than using your 3400 lb. race car to make a point to someone who has thoroughly ruined your day on the track. Did we forget about these few altercations: 1. Cale Yarborough & The Allison Brothers (1979)? Yes, there was a fist/helmet fight; 2. Kevin Harvick & Greg Biffle (2002)? Yes, Happy leaped over the car and was in the Biff’s face; and 3. Jeff Gordon & Matt Kenseth (2008) Usually calm, collected Gordon shoved Matt because of an on track encounter.

My point…let’s be smart about how we decide payback should be disseminated before somebody gets extremely hurt whether that is another driver, crew member, camera man/woman or an unsuspecting fan.

Until next time…Gear Up & Strap In For A Thrillin’ Ride

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is it time to Park the start 'n park teams.

By :Paul Denton
Racing Hellonwheels

Is it time to Park the start 'n park teams.

Some will say as Nascar has in the past that if you can afford the entry fee,qualify ,you can race These cars usually pull off the track after just a few laps .Because of a budget that wont let them race more.It costs money for tires,fuel and if some how they get in a wreck or have engine problems they wont be able to come back until they raise the money.Nascar spokesman said this week they will start inspecting cars that leave the race early ,but if the s n p stays in can they keep up with the pack or just become a nusanse on the track to the other drivers.These are drivers /teams that just do not have the experience to be in the cup races let alone get on the track and take up space just to earn money knowing they have no chance to be picked up on a existing team that runs full out every week.Some will say that they dont have the money like the big teams Roush,Hendricks,Penske and so on .And I do feel bad for one chasing there dream no natter what sport or enterprise ,job,school or the like but sooner or later you have to decide that the dreams not coming through and its the responsibility of the sport school bank for the loan etc that has to decide your dream isnt coming through either with them as Nascar should do.

A plan these teams could look into and would take away from the start and park problem would be to join forces make one team with maybe two cars and rotate rides Until then Nascar should again listen to the fans as they did that implemented many of the changes in the last two years and PARK EM