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About Us

Trackside With Travis started as a NASCAR fan community website on a previous webpage designer with a former name of "NASCAR News And Notes". After a few years of that approach, the website switched to Blogger, and has remained an article/blog based website since, recently taking the new name of Trackside With Travis. The goal of the website is to create a place for fans to come into, read about NASCAR, and share their opinions about the sport.

Message from the creator (Travis B.):

I started Trackside with Travis out of my love for NASCAR and the passion I have for it. I love to write about the sport and all the news and story lines that go with it. Thanks to the many other NASCAR fans and some friends, I have been able to expand this website in the recent years into something that I am very proud of.

This site is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or supported by NASCAR in any way. The posts on this website contain both opinions of the sport as well as news. Please do not copy any of our articles without credit. Thank you for taking the time to look at this site. You can contact NASCAR News And Notes by emailing us at nascarnewsandnotes@gmail.com