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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pet Peeves: Common NASCAR Misunderstandings

As many NASCAR fans are well aware of, not everyone in the world is familiar with the sport of NASCAR. In fact, there are always common misunderstandings about NASCAR that are used everyday.

So, Trackside With Travis has organized some of the top 5 biggest misunderstandings that many people (fans of the sport or not) have about NASCAR. Here's the list:

5. How people say Hendrick Motorsports

Folks, it is Hendrick. Not Hendricks. Not Hendrix. H-E-N-D-R-I-C-K. Why do people even say Hendricks? Nobody else makes that mistake with other teams, right? Do people think Rick is related to Jimi Hendrix? The world may never know.


Alright, they drive racecars, not NASCARS. NASCAR is the league, not the vehicle they drive. Enough said.

3. Fixed Racing

Every once in a while, people will pull the "oh, that race was fixed!" card. For example, remember last year when Dale Earnhardt Jr. won the Nationwide Series race in the three car? Yeah, the haters really hated on that one. Listen, regardless of how the race finishes, NASCAR does not fix these races. They can't even keep a secret fine a secret, so what makes people think they can keep this a secret with all the drivers and crews and keep the media from talking?

Now, are there some calls that are kind of suspicious? Oh yeah, but that is just sports in general.

2. Rednecks

Golden Tate, a second-year receiver for the Seattle Seahawks pulled the redneck card after getting abuse from NASCAR fans on Twitter after he made the comment that NASCAR drivers are not athletes. Hey everyone, it is the 21st Century now, all the races are on TV all over the world. It sounds pretty international to me, unless everyone who watches it are just rednecks. Golden Tate? Could you please clear that up for us? Thanks. Anyway, this redneck thing is getting old.

1. Drivers not athletes?

What a surprise! It's back to Golden Tate! I have been responding to this discussion that NASCAR drivers are not athletes for years and I have had many explanations of this, but Brad Keselowski put it in a good way on his Twitter account.

"sitting in a 140 degree rollercoaster For 4 hours, lifting 30lbs weight while leg pressing 150lbs. while knowing if u mess up, u could die."

Yeah, that just about sums it up.

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