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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kyle Busch Misses Chase; Still Shows Maturity

Maturity. Something that has been lacked by Kyle Busch for most of this year. He won a lot of races. He lost a lot of races. When he won, he looked like the nicest guy in the world. When he lost, stay away from him, or he'll snap at you. He would always get right out of his car, speed walk away, and you wouldn't hear from him until next weekend. I even felt bad for the pit reporters, who had(or at least try) to interview him when he lost. So when it came to the end of the race at Richmond for the Chevy Rock N' Roll 400, it was official. Kyle Busch would not make the chase. Sitting there watching TV, made me wonder. How will Kyle react to this? Will he flip out, run away, or decline to interview? Well, he actually did an interview. But, not just any interview, he showed maturity, and answered questions very well.

"Well, we did all we could do. We gave it a valiant effort. I'll be looking to win some races the rest of the season and hopefully go out with a bang."

He stayed positive. He stayed calm. Sure, he was disappointed, but any driver would be, it was just how he handled it, unlike he would have in the past. He also referred to the fact that they didn't lose the chase in just that one race. They lost those 8 points all throughout the year, in different spots that could have been avoided. He handled it like a veteran.
So what does this mean for Kyle Busch? It means that he has matured. He has learned that he is not the only one who can control what happens in his season, and during every race. He has learned that there are just some things that are out of his control. And there is nothing he can do about it. He has learned to be a team player, and respect his team. But most of all, he has earned respect. Kyle Busch fan or not, he is learning to become more mature, and he is trying hard, so you have to give him credit for that.

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  1. Travis,

    I couldn't help but notice Joe Gibbs standing on the other side of the pit wall looking right at Kyle throughout the interview. I think Joe's presence right there with Kyle when, by all rights, he should have been in victory lane with Denny Hamlin, was no coincidence. My guess is he's been warned to watch his mouth more than once, and I'm thinking Joe was there as a friendly reminder of those conversations.