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Friday, October 9, 2009

Why Not Keep Lance McGrew?

Well, we all know the story. So I'm not going to repeat it all. We all know about the crew chief switch for Dale Jr. And if not, get out from under your rock and catch up on your NASCAR reading.
Lets start here--Lance McGrew is currently the crew chief for Dale Earnhardt Jr. And we all know why, but that's not the point. McGrew has taken over the crew chief responsibilities for the number 88 team since May of this year. They just didn't seem to get anywhere since the switch. The thing is, they did get better. They just have the worst luck of anyone, at least it seems like it.
But, as far as we know, Lance McGrew may not be the crew chief for Dale Jr next year. Jr however, has made it very clear that he wants Lance back.
"Well, I just want to make it clear, I guess, that the decision is Rick's (Hendrick) and his management team. I like working with Lance. I get along great with Lance. We have had some great runs and I feel like I can build on that type of success and it happened more often, more consistently with Lance. And I hope that we're successful the rest of the year and that we go into next season with the same group of guys. But the decision isn't mine, and never will be mine. So, I hope that we'll have more success and continue to give Rick and the people that do make those types of decisions good reason to keep us as a team and keep us working together because I really do enjoy working with him. I feel like I'm a different race car driver than I've been over the last several years; just my temperament and my disposition throughout the races and the weekend. I still have to check myself every once in a while; I get a little angry, but just during practice and stuff when something you do to these cars can frustrate you. But for the most part, Lance is really great at controlling the situation and controlling our team and directing our team throughout the weekend and the races themselves. I've enjoyed the experience working with him."
But the thing is, why wouldn't Lance McGrew be back? He has obviously helped the team. If you listen to Junior's radio, you will notice that he has been more calm and more descriptive then he ever has with Tony Eury Jr, Dale Jr's former crew chief who is also his cousin.
If Rick Hendrick did decide to shake things up, he better start now. Why would you change something that took so long and hard to get? If there is a change, it will just put Junior in a worse situation, he will have to learn a new crew chief and build new chemistry. It will make it a slow season again, making Jr Nation say once again, "Maybe next year."
But, like Jr said, it is Rick Hendrick's decision. Because if it wasn't, Tony Jr would still be up there, on top of the pit box.

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